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The aim of the ZVON is to make the access to public transportation means for the passenger as easy as possible. Similarly, the transition from one transportation mean to another should be simplified as well. In recent years, noticeable improvements at many places have been reached. Commuter parking areas have been designed, platforms renewed, bus stops located right at the railway stations, weather shelters built and passenger information systems set up. In the context of the ZVON interface program, only several other big projects remain outstanding for the next years such as the public transportation connection sites in Bautzen and Görlitz. Additionally, smaller measures such as those in Großschönau, Uhyst / Spree and Schirgiswalde are planned.
There are still discussions ongoing on the creation of two new regional rail access points in Horka-Mitte and at Lake Bertsdorf.

green: Finished public transportation connection site
yellow: Public transportation connection sites in planning stage
green/yellow: Partially finished public transportation connection site
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06. December 2018
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